Watch the ‘Beetlejuice 2’ trailer with Jenna Ortega and Michael Keaton

Fans of Tim Burtons cult classic movie Beetlejuice are getting a special treat this fall. Thirty-six years after the release of the 1988 original, Burton has filmed a sequel and Michael Keaton is back in the title role. Based on the trailer, the follow-up appears to be every bit as kooky, funny and horror-tinged as the first one. Its set to hit theaters on Sept. 6.

The official title is Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, which is no doubt a nod to the way you summon the ghastly lead character. (One more utterance of that word makes it three times, which is when Beetlejuice appears.)

Original Beetlejuice cast members including Winona Ryder and Catherine OHara (who played Lydia and Delia Deetz, respectively) are also returning. And theres a new family member: Lydias daughter, Astrid, who is played by Jenna Ortega. Shes an apt pick, since shes already played another comedy/horror heroine, Wednesday Addams, in the TV show Wednesday.

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The original Beetlejuice centered around a couple named Barbara (Geena Davis) and Adam Maitland (Alec Baldwin), who lose their lives in a car accident. Now theyre ghosts haunting their old house, and theyre unable to leave the premises when the insufferable new owners, the Deetz family, move in. They solicit help from the devilish Beetlejuice, who (comically) makes everything worse.

Since Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin are not returning, were expecting to learn that they made it out of the house, somehow. But there are some other new cast members arriving, including Willem Dafoe as a cop and former B-movie action star in the afterlife. Monica Bellucci (Burtons real-life love) will play Beetlejuices wife, and Justin Theroux will play a mysterious character named Rory.

The sequels first-look trailer gives a hint at what might kick off the new story. Delia, Lydia and Astrid stand by a gravesite with somber faces could the story open with the death of Delias husband, Charles, played by Jeffrey Jones in the original? EW asked Burton about the opening scene, and he skirted the question, saying, Theres something that happens that sets things in motion.

In the moment weve been waiting for, Keaton appears as Beetlejuice at the end. Take a look:

The white-robed choir at the funeral sings strains from Harry Belafontes Day O, summoning one of the funniest scenes in the original movie. Though the trailer doesnt reveal much, it does seem like the sequel will also put a silly spin on death, which is what the original did best.

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