South Florida talent helping bring ‘Hamilton’ production to Miami

“Hamilton” is currently playing at the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami and there is some homegrown talent in the touring show.

It seems fitting to have some Miamians take the helm, considering the original production’s music director, orchestrator, and conductor Alex Lacamoire, who really became Lin Manuel Miranda’s right-hand man, grew up in South Florida.

Taking on the role of conductor in this touring company is Manny Schvartzman.

Schvartzman was born in Argentina, but moved to Miami when he was seven. He considers Miami home.

“It’s a job, but it’s also a dream come true,” said Schvartzman.

Schvartzman started off learning music on the piano and that eventually led him to musical theatre when he was a student at Coral Reef High School. He is also an alum of Florida International University.

“It’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I was the kid who would wait for the music director to leave the building to see who they are and see if I could get a copy of the score so I could practice it at home,” he said. “I wear like a badge of honor every time I conduct it”

Playing the drums in the orchestra is another Miamian, Quinton “Q” Robinson.

“I am just grateful to have the opportunity,” said Robinson.

Robinson is a graduate of the University of Miami. He’s worked with famous artists like Bobby Brown and Janelle Monae. But when the opportunity came to be a drummer in Hamilton, he knew he had to jump at the chance.

“If I was born to play a show, it would be Hamilton. Especially based on my background and the type of music I grew up playing, I think this is the perfect show for me,” said Robinson.

Robinson gave Local 10 exclusive access of the orchestra pit at the Adrienne Arsht Center, showing us all the instruments and how the orchestra works together to bring life to the award-winning show.

Lacamoire was in town for the show, always happy to come back to the Arsht Center and be in “the room where it happens.” Seeing talent like Schvartzman and Robinson now play in the show is a full-circle moment for him.

“I know how proud I feel when I look and see, oh wow the music director is Latin, or wow, that person comes from a place where I grew up. It really makes an impact,’ said Lacamoire.

These three, much like Hamilton, know what it’s like to dream of something bigger. They hope the show continues to inspire future generations to not “throw away their shot.”

“I think one of the things that Hamilton does is that it opens the door of theatre to a lot of people who thought there wasn’t a space for them in theatre,” added Lacamoire.

“Hamilton” is playing at the Arsht Center through March 24. You can get tickets at

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