NFL announces full 2024 schedule. Here’s when to catch Dolphins, Bucs, Jaguars

The National Football League released its full schedule for the 2024 season on Wednesday night, revealing which teams will be pitted against one another and when those matches will take place.

The season is set to kick off on Thursday, Sept. 5 with the Baltimore Ravens pitted against the Kansas City Chiefs at 8:20 P.M.

While all of the matchups have been announced, Week 18 is still up in the air in terms of times and dates.

The full schedule for Florida’s teams — the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars — is as follows:

WeekDateTimeTeamsPlatformWEEK 1Sunday, Sept. 81 P.M.Jaguars v. DolphinsCBS4:25 P.M.Commanders v. BuccaneersFOXWEEK 2Thursday, Sept. 128:15 P.M.Bills v. DolphinsPrime VideoSunday, Sept. 151 P.M.Buccaneers v. LionsFOX1 P.M.Browns v. JaguarsCBSWEEK 3Sunday, Sept. 221 P.M.Broncos v. BuccaneersFOX4:05 P.M.Dolphins v. SeahawksCBSMonday, Sept. 237:30 P.M.Jaguars v. BillsESPNWEEK 4Sunday, Sept. 291 P.M.Jaguars v. TexansCBS1 P.M.Eagles v. BuccaneersFOXMonday, Sept. 307:30 P.M.Titans v. DolphinsESPNWEEK 5Thursday, Oct. 38:15 P.M.Buccaneers v. FalconsPrime VideoSunday, Oct. 61 P.M.Colts v. JaguarsCBS1 P.M.Dolphins v. PatriotsFOXWEEK 6Sunday, Oct. 139:30 A.M.Jaguars v. BearsNFL Network1 P.M.Buccaneers v. SaintsFOXWEEK 7Sunday, Oct. 209:30 A.M.Patriots v. JaguarsNFL Network1 P.M.Dolphins v. ColtsFOXMonday, Oct. 218:15 P.M.Ravens v. BuccaneersESPNWEEK 8Sunday, Oct. 271 P.M.Packers v. JaguarsFOX1 P.M.Cardinals v. DolphinsFOX1 P.M.Falcons v. BuccaneersFOXWEEK 9Sunday, Nov. 31 P.M.Dolphins v. BillsCBS8:20 P.M.Jaguars v. EaglesNBCMonday, Nov. 48:15 P.M.Buccaneers v. ChiefsESPNWEEK 10Sunday, Nov. 101 P.M.Vikings v. JaguarsFOX1 P.M.49ers v. BuccaneersFOXMonday, Nov. 118:15 P.M.Dolphins v. RamsESPNWEEK 11Sunday, Nov. 171 P.M.Jaguars v. LionsCBS1 P.M.Raiders v. DolphinsCBSWEEK 12Sunday, Nov. 241 P.M.Patriots v. DolphinsCBS1 P.M.Buccaneers v. GiantsCBSWEEK 13Thursday, Nov. 288:20 P.M.Dolphins v. PackersNBCSunday, Dec. 11 P.M.Texans v. JaguarsCBS4:05 P.M.Buccaneers v. PanthersFOXWEEK 14Sunday, Dec. 81 P.M.Jets v. DolphinsCBS1 P.M.Raiders v. BuccaneersCBS1 P.M.Jaguars v. TitansCBSWEEK 15Sunday, Dec. 151 P.M.Dolphins v. TexansCBS1 P.M.Jets v. JaguarsFOX4:25 P.M.Buccaneers v. ChargersFOXWEEK 16Sunday, Dec. 224:25 P.M.Jaguars v. RaidersCBS4:25 P.M.49ers v. DolphinsCBS8:20 P.M.Buccaneers v. CowboysNBCWEEK 17Sunday, Dec. 291 P.M.Panthers v. BuccaneersCBS1 P.M.Titans v. JaguarsCBS8:20 P.M.Dolphins v. BrownsNBCWEEK 18TBDTBDJaguars v. ColtsTBDTBDTBDDolphins v. JetsTBDTBDTBDSaints v. BuccaneersTBD

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