‘I have a problem:’ Florida man accused of harassing Walgreens worker, trying to drive over manager

A Winter Springs man was arrested over the weekend on accusations that he tried to run over the manager of a local Walgreens store, according to the police department.

In an arrest report, police said they were called to the Walgreens at 401 W. State Road 434 on Sunday evening.

Upon arrival, they learned that the man — identified as Juan Matos, 31 — had entered the store and “created a disturbance, threatening (a cashier) and making sexual advances toward her,” the report reads.

As a result, the cashier called her father to the store, and the manager told her to hide in the back office for safety, police added.

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Investigators said that the victim’s father and the manager then asked Matos to leave, following him to his car to make sure he did so.

However, Matos quickly reversed his vehicle, turning toward the pair and apparently trying to run them over, the report states. Video surveillance showed the incident as it happened.

After arriving at Matos’ home, police said they spotted Matos parking his car and walking toward his apartment.

While getting out of his car, Matos said, “I have a problem,” and after being asked to put his hands behind his back, he stated, “OK, you stupid (expletive),” detectives explained.

“Matos stated that he was upset because the ‘crazy lady’ at Walgreens was accusing him of saying things that he didn’t say and asked him to leave,” the arrest report reads. “When (the father) followed him out of the store, Matos advised that he threatened to ‘beat the (expletive) out of’ (the father).”

In addition, police said Matos told them the victim’s father had hit his car. When asked to clarify, Matos reportedly stated, “I was trying to hit him with the car.”

Matos was arrested and faces two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill. He is held on bond of $10,000.

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