FIRST LOOK Inside the NEW Tiana’s Bayou General Store in Magic Kingdom

Today is a VERY exciting day in Magic Kingdom!

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

While Tiana’s Bayou Adventure doesn’t open to the public until June 28th, we got to ride for the SECOND time today! Not only that, we just got to take a look into the new shop that will be right at the exit queue for the ride, Tiana’s Bayou General!

Tiana’s Bayou General will be located through the exit queue of the ride. You’ll be able to stop in and look around if you’d like, or you can pass on through to continue with your day.

Tiana’s Bayou General

Now, we were told that the store itself isn’t set up just yet, meaning that the actual merchandise that will be available for purchase is not in the store, but we did get a look at all the exciting theming! All along the walls, you’ll see the products that Tiana’s Foods sells that could be used in someone’s own recipes at home.

The store!

Cast Members were also set up to tell us more about the store and what we were seeing in the theming!

Explaining more about the store

We loved getting to see so many details that really solidified the theming, like this King Cake display on the wall!

So many details!

We also spotted a photo of Tiana on her travels, along with some of her travel gear and a lantern.

You’ll have to really look closely!

The biggest thing we got to see is the Commemorative Ride Photo Package which will be on sale for $32.95 plus tax.

Commemorative Ride Photo Package

Not only will you find your photo from the ride on the inside in the middle…

Your ride photo!

…but on the left, you’ll see a Thank You card, thanking you for celebrating Mardi Gras with Princess Tiana, as well as a photo of Tiana and her team opening Tiana’s Foods!

The left

And on the right, you’ll find Tiana’s recipe cards for World Famous Beignets and New Orleans Style Gumbo that you can actually follow at home!

The right

If you don’t want the whole package, you will also have the chance to just buy the physical photo, tap your MagicBand, or pass on your phone to the electronic circles to grab your photo digitally.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at night

More souvenirs will be coming soon to Tiana’s Bayou General Store as well as at Critter Co-Op when the shops open. You can take a look at all the merchandise you’ll be able to find at Critter Co-Op at the link below!

EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at ALL the Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Merchandise Coming to Magic Kingdom

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Tiana’s Bayou Adventure in Magic Kingdom

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What part are you most looking forward to seeing in Tiana’s Bayou Adventure? Tell us in the comments!

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