Dog attacked by alligator, survives after leg amputation

A dog named Brady who was believed to have been the victim of an alligator attack is now recovering.

Officials with the Brady Hunter Foundation said a good samaritan found Brady near a canal along with what they said was catastrophic damage to his front legs, indicating alligator attack.

“We are deeply saddened by Brady’s ordeal and knew we had to take action to help him,” said Josh Fox, Founder of The Brady Hunter Foundation. “As an organization committed to animal welfare, we could not stand idly by while Brady suffered. Our hearts go out to him, and we are honored to play a role in his recovery.”

The canal was along Lake Worth Road and Congress Avenue in Lake Worth Beach.

The person that found dog brought him to Palm Beach Animal Care and Control.

With the help of ‘Furry Friends,’ Brady was taken to one of their shelters where he underwent surgery to amputate his leg.

According to BHF, the Furry Friends team led by Dr. Victoria Koehler worked to stabilize Brady and give him the urgent medical attention he desperately needed.

While alligator encounters are thankfully rare, dogs left to fend for themselves face many risks, said Jason Gluck, Chief Lifesaving Officer at Furry Friends. The collaboration between Furry Friends, Rescue Life, Palm Beach Animal Care and Control and The Brady Hunter Foundation will give Brady his best opportunity for a new life, one where he receives the love, care, and kindness every pet deserves.

The Brady Hunter Foundation has pledged $5,000 to cover a portion of the surgical costs.

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