Caitlin Clark Olympic controversy is raging. Where do you stand?

It’s not often that money and TV ratings take a backseat for a big decision in the sports world, but that was reportedly the case this past weekend.

And many basketball fans around the world are pretty upset about it.

It was reported on Saturday that Indiana Fever rookie Caitlin Clark, who brought historic TV ratings for women’s basketball and sellout crowds while playing college for the University of Iowa, was going to be left off the Olympic team for this summer’s spectacle in Paris.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about what a tough decision this was going to be for USA Basketball. Sure enough, the no-win scenario is playing out.

From a basketball perspective, the reported omission — an official announcement about the complete roster should come later this month — is logical.

There are several older professional players who play Clark’s position, have paid their dues for years and also want a chance to play in an Olympics.

While Clark might one day go on to have better a professional career than those players, in the here and now, Clark is still just a rookie in the WNBA and not as established or productive.

Putting Clark on the team would be ending the Olympic dreams of one of those deserving veteran professionals.

But on the other hand, Clark not being in Paris can’t nearly be as good for business.

Odds are great that TV ratings and attendance won’t be close to being what they would if Clark were in Paris, and you have to wonder if NBC and the International Olympic Committee will try and strong-arm USA Basketball into reconsidering Clark’s reported omission.

The outrage of fans who have tuned in to see Clark, want to see her in Paris, and feel it’s just an act of jealousy to leave her off the team could also end up making USA Basketball listen further.

Clark was cordial when speaking about the reported omission, saying she wasn’t disappointed and that it was more motivation to get better and be on the team in Los Angeles come 2028.

But that likely won’t stop fans and media members from continuing their outcry on behalf of Clark and trying to change USA Basketball’s mind before the official roster announcement is made.

Given all that, this is where we want your feedback! Please chime in below with your thoughts.

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