11 Disney Fans Share Their Magical Moments That Are Just 10,000% Wholesome

Disney World is FULL of magical moments!

Cinderella Castle

No matter where you’re looking, you’re bound to see something sweet happen. Whether it’s a guest making magic for another guest or a Cast Member making the magic — it always feels SO special. We sometimes get to share our stories with you, so this time we wanted to hear YOUR stories. We asked about your magical moments, and your stories were so heartwarming that we couldn’t help but share a few of them.

We took to Facebook and asked you guys to share some of your favorite nostalgic/cute/wholesome memories in the Disney parks with us, and WOW, y’all blew our expectations out of the water. We found ourselves smiling ear to ear while reading these, so let’s talk about them!

Meeting Characters

It isn’t Disney World without character meet and greets. A lot of the stories shared with us involved character interactions, and it made our hearts melt.


One story that really stood out to us was “When I was little I got chosen to wear a Mickey cape and sorcerer hat and dance with a whole bunch of characters including Eeyore, in the parade at Disneyland. I will never forget that”. This opportunity sounds rare, to begin with, but it also seems like it includes rare characters — what a WHOLESOME moment.

Mickey and Minnie

Sometimes, these character interactions really stay with us long after they’re over. One person commented, “Mickey Mouse signed my son’s hat ‘Your pal, Mickey Mouse’. For the rest of the trip, he kept saying ‘Mickey Mouse is my pal’.” We love how this moment just stayed with them, and YES, Mickey Mouse IS your pal!


The fireworks displays are such a magical experience by themselves. However, there are also moments during those displays that can add to them and make them a lasting memory.

Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Sometimes, riding rides during fireworks shows can be a great way to skip long lines. It looks like this family knew that trick! They said, “Riding the Astro Orbiter our first night at [Magic Kingdom] with the fireworks shooting in the background –my kids still talk about this night.” This creates a rare vantage point to enjoy these shows and sounds like it was such a fun time.

Happily Ever After

Another sweet experience during the fireworks shows made us cry happy tears. They shared, “It started raining in MK during the fireworks; people started to leave, and the crowd started to thin, but my husband and I were one of the few who stayed back. We had space to dance and jump and feel the Disney magic in the rain. It was our anniversary trip, and it became so much more magical!” Moments like this are SO sweet, and being able to experience these shows while having low crowds is rare. We’re so glad you have that memory!


It’s hard to go to Disney World and not see a proposal happen — and we are here for it! This is such a huge moment for the people involved; it is so special.

Cinderella Castle

We got so many little blurbs about people’s proposals! People mentioned proposing in front of the Tree of Life and even getting proposed to at Fort Wilderness after an archery lesson. Both of these moments sound so sweet and so special!

This is a pretty place to propose!

Someone shared a heartwarming story that really shows how special Disney is to them, “One year our son got to say ‘All Aboard!’ on the Walt Disney World Railroad. He also got to start the trains in Germany one morning. Last month, the same son proposed to his future wife at the wishing well by the castle!!!” Having those memories from childhood sounds like they were SO magical, and continuing to make those memories now with their partner, is so heartwarming! Congratulations to everyone .

Kids Experiencing Rides

Sometimes, you never know how kids will react when it comes to going on a ride for the first time. It looks like some of our reader’s kids are true daredevils and had a GREAT experience!

Hollywood Studios

For example, “Last year, our son was 5, and we took him on Tower of Terror. He was seated between my husband and I, and we both had our arms on him to ‘hold him in.’ After the first drop, he pushed our arms away and threw his arms right up in the air! A little thrill ride enthusiast was born!” Honestly, this is very relatable. Tower of Terror can be scary, but we are SO glad that even some kiddos enjoy it as much as we do.

Expedition Everest

We LOVE hearing the stories about kiddos enjoying rides. One reader shared, “My five-year-old daughter never met a coaster she didn’t like. We got to ride everything on her first visit, including Expedition Everest at Animal Kingdom. Twice. A year later, when we told her we’d be returning to Animal Kingdom for a visit, she said she hoped they fixed the roller coaster by then.” We also want the yeti to be fixed, so we can hope together!

Honorable Mentions

We got so many wholesome comments, and it was so hard to pick and choose which ones to include. So, here are a few that didn’t quite fit into any category but made us audibly say “Awww!”.

Pin Trading Board

This story comes from a former Cast Member! They commented, “I nearly cried when I complimented a guest’s pin and she took it right off her vest and gave it to me! It was such a sweet and kind gesture and really made my day! I still have the pin, even though it happened ten years ago, and will never ever trade it! :’)” This just goes to show that guests can also make magic for Cast Members and that they will sometimes carry those moments with them for a decade.

The Dapper Dans are ICONIC

Finally, we have a moment that was a whole family affair and is something that sounds unforgettable! “I remember on our very first trip, back in the mid-70s, I am one of four girls, and my sisters and I used to sing together for different clubs and organizations. We sang a lot of barbershop harmonies. Anyway, when we went to Walt Disney World we got to meet and chat with the Dapper Dans. We then got to sing with them in the barbershop. It’s been so many years, and I honestly don’t remember what we sang, but I do remember that it was quite the thrill for this kid!” Being able to sing with the Dapper Dans is something that we couldn’t even imagine, and this experience sounds so special. Now, we really need to know if they will still do this.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom

We LOVE hearing everyone’s magical moments. These are just a few of some very wholesome moments, and we really hope you guys continue to share them with us. In the meantime, keep checking back in with us at DFB for the latest!

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Have you had a magical moment at a Disney park? Let us know in the comments below!

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