We Tried These 8 Disney World Essentials From Amazon So You Don’t Have To

Sometimes things work in Disney World…and sometimes they don’t.

Magic Kingdom

This goes for rides since they can go down at any time (tech issues wait for no one), new snacks and menu items (we’ve tried some great ones that work, and others that we wonder WHO came up with them), and of course, this also goes for merchandise items. Or, in this case, items you buy to make your Disney World trip easier! Not to worry — these are all items we’ve tried ourselves and have found them to be helpful on our vacations!

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If You’ve Got Multiple Devices, A MultiCharger is A Necessity!

MultiCharger for MagicBand+

We’ve used this MultiCharger ourselves multiple times and love how well it works! Just using one outlet, you can take advantage of charging your MagicBand+, MagicBand, and your Fuel Rods. This saves us in hotel rooms when we have limited outlets, so we highly recommend.

Check it out!

We Are OBSESSED With Our Owala Water Bottle!

Owala Water Bottle

More than one person on the team uses an Owala Water Bottle in the park, and we’re all in agreement that we LOVE them. Not only do we love the way you can gulp or sip through the cleverly hidden straw, but we love hold cold it keeps our drinks all day. AND it doesn’t sweat and get all over your stuff!

Grab it!

Classic And Reliable — Loungefly is Our Favorite

Stickers Loungefly

We’ve tried out a lot of different bags in the parks, and while we’ve found a few different brands that we like, we continue to love Loungefly! One of our current favorite bags is the Disney Stickers All Over Print Loungefly Backpack — we just love how it combines all of our favorite Disney characters, classic Disney feel, and is colorful without being overpowering!

Grab it here!

Combine Your MagicBand and Smart Watch!

It works!

Wearing both your smart watch and your MagicBand can be a little tricky, because you’re needing to put one on the hand you don’t normally use. However, we love this Watch Adapter so much and have found that it works great! This way, you’re basically putting your MagicBand sensor on your smart watch, meaning you only have to have one thing on your wrist.

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Wanna Make Your Watch Band Cuter? We’ve Got Just The Thing!

Aren’t they cute?

And if you’ll be using your Apple Watch often on your trip, or you just want to Disney-fy it, grab yourself these Cartoon Bands Compatible with Apple Watch! Again, we’ve tried them and love them!

Check it out!

It’s Going To Rain — Use These!

Clear Rain Jacket

We’re in the parks every day, and that means we’re there when it rains…a LOT. We recommend bringing ponchos from home, or buying them at home, instead of buying them in the parks, and if you follow that advice, grab the Cosowe Rain Ponchos! These are our favorite that we personally have used, and they’re reusable (without becoming gross)!

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Have We Mentioned It Gets HOT? Use One of These!

JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan

Summer in Disney World is BRUTAL (again, we’re there every day), and that’s why we recommend grabbing a Portable Neck Fan — they really do work! There are a LOT of neck fans out on the market, but we tested this one personally and really loved it!

Check it out!

Does Everything Get Lost in Your Bag? Grab This!

Bag Organizer

We’ve personally used a Mini Backpack Organizer and found it was very helpful IF you’re not more used to the regular chaos of throwing everything into a bag. If organized chaos is more your thing, this may be more hurtful than helpful, but if organization is your thing, this may be a game changer!

Grab one here!

We’re always here to help you plan for your next Disney World trip and make it as easy as can be — stay tuned to DFB for all the latest tips and tricks!

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What else would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments!

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