23.04.16: Children Screaming to be Heard Conference

This is the list of speakers:

Clive Driscoll – ex-Metropolitan Police officer
His presentation will require re-recording in our studio.

Stephen Green – Chairman, Christian Voice

Alan Brunwin – Researcher into the corruption of Social Workers

Sue Reid – journalist at the Daily Mail about her experiences with Children Screaming to be Heard

Len Lawrence – former Pilot on the Abuse of Psychiatry in the UK Legal System

Brian Daniels – Citizen’s Commission for Human Rights

Ian Josephs – publisher of Forced Adoption and veteran Children’s champion

Rosy Stanesby – ‘Voice for the Child’

Dr Rainer Kurz   Psychologist who used to be a court expert is publishing his key findings on Psych Assessment Blog.
His presentation will be re-recorded in our studio. His slides are here.

Dr Geert Priem (Netherlands)  Trauma Psychologist for EU Police
His presentation will be re-recorded in our studio.

Marjolein Pronk-Huisman  Child Abuse in Residential Care

Sandra Gillet  Grandparents’ Rights

Robert Green reading a speech by Miles Goslett about John McDonnell MP ignoring a paedo-whistleblower in Nottinghamshire

Andy Ross – on Stepfathers’ rights

Yolande Kenward  – Zimbabwe Embassy case

Sabine McNeill on the UK and EU Dimensions of Forced Adoptions