Ultra Music Festival ends with few arrests in downtown Miami, police say

The Ultra Music Festival ended on Sunday night with few related arrests in downtown Miami.

According to Officer Kiara Delva, a spokeswoman for the Miami Police Department, there weren’t any UMF-related arrests on Friday, and there were only four arrests on Saturday. The cases were for illegal vending, theft, and trespassing.

The festival’s beat of electronic dance music lasted longer on Saturday night than on Friday night when organizers had to end it early because of stormy weather. Sunday had the shortest schedule.

UMF organizers expected about 55,000 EDM fans to take over Bayfront Park, so Miami police officers closed a section of Biscayne Boulevard in both directions from Thursday night to 7 a.m., on Monday.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Chief Manuel Morales said his teams were ready.

“We search everybody as they’re coming in to make sure there are no weapons or illegal items,” Morales said adding, “We have undercover officers inside, not only looking for individuals looking to prey on victims — but any type of suspicious individuals.”

Traffic alert

Police officers re-routed Biscayne Boulevard’s northbound traffic to the southbound lanes from Southeast First Street to Northeast Fourth Street.

Officers re-routed Biscayne Boulevard’s southbound traffic westbound at Northeast Sixth Street to Second Avenue and North Miami Avenue.

For more information about the traffic flow changes, call 786-767-7272.

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