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13 Petitions lead to a Plenary Debate on Wednesday 27 April 2016, 6 – 7pm UK time

Protecting the best interest of the child (across borders) in Europe[1] is on the agenda of the next Plenary Debate in Brussels on Wednesday 27 April.

The debate stems from the complaint of twelve individual petitioners regarding their children’s loss of mother tongue and their abusive placement with foster carers, as well as from the petition by the Association of McKenzie Friends requesting the Abolition of Adoptions without Parental Consent[2]. The debate will cover Questions with Oral Answer:

  • to the EU Council[3] – the Ministers of all 28 Member States;
  • and the EU Commission[4] – the administration in the background of elected Parlamentarians;
  • as well as a Motion for a Resolution[5] on safeguarding the best interests of the child across the EU on the basis of petitions addressed to the EU Parliament.

With 5,700 signatures online, petition 1707/2013 [6] was first presented in Brussels on 19 March 2014[7] by a delegation of 30 parents. The trip resulted in this article in The Telegraph:

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