REVIEW: We Tried a NEW Drink in Disney World, and It Has GLITTER, People!

Disney Springs is Disney World’s entertainment, shopping, and dining district, and it’s one of our favorite places to visit that doesn’t require a park ticket!

Disney Springs

Whether you’re looking for the latest Disney merchandise, entertainment, snacks, or more, chances are you can find it at Disney Springs. And right now, we’re bringing you along as we try a new tasty treat at one of our favorite spots!

We stopped by Joffrey’s at Disney Springs to try the new Glitter Cupcake Cold Brew! It’s made with Joffrey’s cold brew topped with whipped cream and edible gold glitter for $6.49. We were especially intrigued by the edible gold glitter!

Glitter Cupcake Cold Brew

This was a decently strong cold brew concoction! It’s fun to look at when you swirl it around and see all the glitter floating in the cold brew as the whipped cream seeps into the beverage. If you’ve ever had a Shakin’ Jamaican cold brew from Joffrey’s, this tasted like a sweeter version of that.

While it’s got a pretty presentation, it’s really just a sweeter cold brew coffee with whipped cream and edible glitter. It’s pretty basic and there’s no detectable “cupcake” to it despite the name — maybe because the whipped cream on top kind of makes it look like a cupcake? But not really. It will forever remain a mystery to us.

Glitter Cupcake Cold Brew

If you don’t like sweet coffee, you can probably skip this and just get a regular ol’ cold brew or something instead. But if you like a Shakin’ Jamaican, you might end up enjoying this after all. Head on over to Joffrey’s at Disney Springs if you want to try it!

Try it!

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