Police: Mother, man arrested after jumping into Miami elementary school fight

A mother and a man she was with were arrested Monday, days after they jumped into a fight at a Miami elementary school that involved one of the woman’s sons, authorities said.

According to Miami-Dade Schools Police, the incident occurred Friday afternoon in the parking lot of Poinciana Elementary School, located at 6745 NW 23rd Ave.

Police said Germikia Denise Freeman, 32, was picking up her sons in the school parking lot when she saw one of them fighting another student.

Freeman and a man identified as Charles Nathaniel Webb, 37, then ran over to where her son was fighting the other student and Freeman grabbed the student by the biceps and ‘violently thrust him back and forth, causing him to fall to the ground,” her arrest report stated.

Police said Webb then grabbed the victim by his shirt and pinned him to the hood of a nearby vehicle.

According to his arrest report, Webb also punched another student in the nose when that student tried to help the victim.

Police said the school principal repeatedly told Freeman and Webb to leave the school campus, but Freeman continued yelling in the parking lot, causing school administrators and security to come over.

The couple eventually got back into their vehicle and drove away with Freeman’s sons, authorities said.

Police said they were taken into custody Monday morning after arriving at the school.

They both face charges of child abuse without great bodily harm, trespassing on school grounds after a warning and disruption of an educational institution.

Webb’s relationship to Freeman and her sons was not confirmed in the arrest reports.

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