Disney World Menus Can Be Flat Out Wrong. Here’s How We Find the Truth.

You spend a LOT of time planning your Disney World trip, and often Disney World food is a big part of that (which is probably why you’re reading this!). You may have even planned a day around a reservation at a certain restaurant, or a hop to a park at just the right time for a special snack.

Strawberry Dole Whip with Orange Fanta Float

But sometimes things don’t always go as planned. A lot of disappointment can happen when you’ve spent a lot of time planning your trip and maybe you find out that a menu item you had been dreaming of ordering is no longer there. 


Disney World menus change on the daily, which is SUPER frustrating for us and for you! We try our best to keep our posts updated with the latest menu changes, but sometimes they slip past us for a day or two. Here’s what we do to try and verify menus in Disney World without being there in person.

Don’t Trust The Disney World App or Website For Independently Owned-Restaurants

Some restaurants in Disney World aren’t owned directly by Disney. This is especially the case for restaurants in EPCOT’s World Showcase, Disney Springs, and some Disney World Hotels.

Yak & Yeti

We spoke to a Cast Member at The Basket at Wine Bar George in Disney Springs who informed us that there have been times where new items are added to the restaurant’s menu, but the Disney World website/app doesn’t show them for WEEKS after they’ve been added!

The Basket

So how can you combat this? Find the restaurant’s website online (that’s NOT connected to Disney) and check out their menus listed there. Or, you can call the restaurant directly to verify if an item is or isn’t on their menu.

Seasonal Menus

Some signature restaurants at Disney World have menus that change with the seasons. You can expect this at restaurants like Citricos, Topolino’s Terrace, and Hollywood Brown Derby, just to name a few.


To see what menu is currently being served, you can keep up with our posts here on DFB, but you can also check out the restaurant pages our friends at AllEars.net create and keep updated! To be 100% prepared, you can call the restaurant, or take a look at their different menus and have a second choice at the ready.

Disney Dining Plan Confusion

We know that a lot of you plan your meals especially when you are using the Disney Dining Plan, and some restaurants have confusing rules about it.

Look for that Disney Dining Plan Snack symbol!

We were recently surprised at Chicken Guy when we discovered that you can get chicken tenders and a soft drink or milk shake as a dining plan meal, but the combo meals there aren’t included – you have to buy your fries separately.

Chicken Guy

We had a reader send in a question about whether a half-liter of beer in Biergarten can be ordered on the dining plan. We chatted with Disney Guest Services and got a confusing answer, so we physically went to Biergarten and tracked down the answer for our reader. (Yes, a half liter of beer can be ordered on the dining plan, but a full liter cannot).


The good news is that we let you know IMMEDIATELY when we find strange stuff like this, so keep an eye out for DFB posts, or you can get our Disney Dining Plan guide to really help you learn the ins and outs of what’s included.

Here’s how to maximize your Disney Dining Plan credits!

Unexpected Changes

Just like everywhere else, sometimes menus change unexpectedly.

Ale & Compass Menu

We’ve had the experience of a fryer being broken at Topolino’s Terrace and us not being able to order our beloved Vegetable Fritto Misto because of it. We’ve been told by Cast Members that the Rib Eye Beef Puff at Baseline Tap House is off the menu because of an issue with the oven needed to prepare it. Loaded Burnt Ends Fries at Regal Eagle Smokehouse were on the menu because it was a way to use up brisket trimmings, and now, they’ve gotten more efficient at how much brisket to make, and they aren’t being served every day. The list goes on, and on, and on!

Topolino’s Terrace

Unfortunately, there really isn’t a great way to solve this issue, but if you’re looking to order a certain thing, ask the Cast Member before you sit down at a restaurant if it’s being served that day. And again, it’s good to have a Plan B in mind just in case your first option isn’t available. Being flexible can be hard, but it’s important!

S’mores Brownie at Regal Eagle

We’re always here to keep you updated on the latest Disney World news as fast as we get it, so stay tuned to DFB for all the latest menu news and beyond!

Check out this recent menu change that made us VERY sad

What’s the most disappointing menu change you’ve encountered? Tell us in the comments!

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