Before he heads to Green Bay, Michael Pratt gets key to Boca Raton

A key to the city of Boca Raton can now be added to Michael Pratt’s long list of accomplishments.

Two awesome phone calls,” Pratt told WPTV. “Very blessed, very fortunate and super stoked to be able to represent the city and thank you to Mayor Scott for giving me this opportunity.

Between being drafted to the Green Bay Packers in the seventh round and now being honored by the city, the Pratt family is building a legacy.

Michael Pratt has been a great ambassador for the city of Boca Raton,” said Mayor Scott Singer. “We were excited when he won the Cotton Bowl for Tulane, excited to see him as a draft pick for the Green Bay Packers and hoping to see him suiting up on the field with Boca Raton under his name.”

For mom Rori Pratt, this is a dream come true. And something her son worked towards when he was at Boca High.

In ninth grade he switched to Boca High and he told us he was going to play football,” she said. “So that was a huge surprise to us. The football thing just kind of took off.

And when that phone call finally came, the Pratt family was surrounded by support.

He actually was in the pool,” said dad Wayne Pratt. “He asked his agent, is it okay if I just go jump in the pool with my friends, and he did. He got that phone call, so he had to jump out of the pool and take that phone call soaking wet.

As Pratt gets ready to head to Green Bay as starting quarterback, he knows that he has the support of his hometown.

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